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The many elements that go into maninting a business can be overwhelming. A successful small business owner must know the basics of accounting, social media, managing a team, graphic design, time management, goal setting, and much more.

This subscription package helps you navigate the many hats you wear as an entrepreneur, giving you valuable knowledge and how-to’s on a variety of topics.


These courses are for any small business owner, at any level, that wants a reliable place to go for the information needed to thrive in business. No spending hours weeding through YouTube videos and blogs trying to become informed. The goal of this course is to provide helpful and effective resources that will save countless amounts of time, energy and money.

What’s Included

This subscription package includes unlimited access to a growing number of video courses on a variety of topics. Some courses include helpful links, resources, tools, printouts, and connections with people you can trust. New content comes out every Wednesday so we can grow together every week.

“An amazing group that truly cares about small business and want to watch them grow. thank you for all that you do.”
— Farid

All Courses Included

Business Formation and Entities

Decluttering Technology

The Basics of Accounting

Advertising Your Business

Facing Fear

Organize Your Business with Trello

Sales TiPs

Pricing & Providing Value

Researching Your Competition

What is a Sales Funnel?

What is a Domain Name?

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No more spending hours searching the internet for videos on how to run a business. The Business Project classes are developed by business owners and will give you the tools you will need to take your business to the next level.

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