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hosted by
Kacie Bryant & John Crespo

Business can be complicated. We break it down so regular people like us can understand and find success.

Most people that want to start a business and have a passion for what they do, don’t know how to turn that desire into a successful pursuit. Beginning entrepreneurs will usually start by searching the internet for information on how to get a business license, set up an accounting system or start a social media page. They spend many hours weeding through YouTube videos and blogs trying to become informed. Under-funded, under-resourced businesses often open and close before anyone even notices.

The goal of The Business Project Podcast is to provide helpful and effective resources for these small enterprises. Join us as we go through a wide array of topics related to starting and operating a small business.

If you run a business, or want to run a business, welcome to the show!


“I wouldn’t have a business if it weren’t for knowing about The Business Project. Their constant streams of connections, creativity, and ideas have helped me and my organization flourish over the years. Their enthusiasm for helping other entrepreneurs is unmatched and has allowed me to grow professionally by introducing us to many of the leaders and other business owners that we serve as clients or partners.”
— Chris N.P.

MEET the hosts


Kacie Bryant

My first job is raising two beautiful children, MacKynzie (11) and Colt (9) with my wonderful husband, McLain. We live in Clarksville, Tennessee. I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. I realized my passion for helping others pursue their purpose through my own fitness business. After selling the gym in 2015 with over 60 part time employees, I’ve been involved in many business ventures and have helped several start ups from the ground up.

My current focus is to build a community of support for local and small businesses around the country. I am one of the founders of LOCAL Clarksville in Tennessee. We are a shop local movement that connects the community with the local businesses in our area and we connect the business owners with each other.

What we do has had a huge impact and we are working to use both LOCAL and The Business Project to provide a circle of education and community for small businesses.


John Crespo

Business Development has been in my DNA for over 10 years. I love seeing businesses grow and succeed and being able to partner in that journey is rewarding to me. I spent a lot of time helping small businesses in my previous roles, but I wanted to be able to partner with them on a deeper level.

My work experience is in the financial industry. I started my career working for JP Morgan Chase in 2010 and made my way to Clarksville, TN in 2018 where I became the Director of Business Development for a local credit union (Fortera Credit Union). I realized that my passion is in working with small businesses to become sustainable and fundable. So I left the corporate world and created CFD Services Inc. in partnership with Lendio Clarksville.

Outside of work, I am on the board of a nonprofit called Recover Our Sons. We mentor young men in our community and provide experiences outside of their neighborhoods. I am also on the Diversity Council for my county and on the board of the Hispanic American Foundation. My wife and I have 5 children (1 boy and 4 girls) Ages 25 down to 14. We like to be outdoors and go camping, the beach, and day trip visits to local sites.