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Introducing: The Business Project Podcast!

by The Business Project

Today is the premier of our very new Podcast, with Episode 1 now live! So what is this podcast all about?

The goal of The Business Project Podcast is to provide helpful and effective resources for these small businesses. Join us as we go through a wide array of topics related to starting and operating a small business.

Hosts Kacie Bryant, founder of The Business Project and LOCAL, and John Crespo, of CFD Services, are going to publish weekly episodes all about how to start, and run, a successful business. They are business owners themselves, with combined several years of experience, and know what it takes to capture an audience. From marketing tips, to picking a name, and everything in-between, The Business Project Podcast will help simplify the task of running a business.

Episode 1 is covering the basics of Naming your Business, doing the Research, and Company Description. You can listen on your favorite platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or stream it right here on our website.

Stay tuned every Thursday where we’ll drop a new episode for you to digest!

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