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Building Your Handyman Business

by The Business Project

The decision to start a new business is an exciting one. At the same time, it can feel a little overwhelming if you’re new to running a business. The great news is that there are many tools and resources for building a handyman business. If you have the know-how to help clients with their home improvement, you’re halfway there. 

But being good with your hands, having carpentry and other handy skills, and even owning a great set of tools isn’t enough to run a successful handyman business. In fact, the best way to ensure your success is to concentrate on the logistics, regulations, insurance, and business registrations for a new business. With these and a solid marketing plan, you’ll be building a business you can be proud of. 

Adding Marketing and Referrals to Your Toolbox

Starting your own business will mean doing all that you can to market yourself as soon as possible. You’ll want to create a user-friendly website with examples of your work, a catchy banner, and a way for customers to pay you online. Having a solid plan for great customer service with an online system that helps you and your customer avoid fees is something you’ll promote in your marketing. 

Consider starting social media business pages where customers can contact you. Think about designing a uniform banner with a logo that best represents the type of work you do and why you’re a great choice for potential clients. Using an online banner maker tool, you can find a banner template that fits your brand and can personalize it with fonts, colors, pictures, or animation. 

When marketing yourself with listing services, social media, or direct ads, link back to your website so customers have easy access to your contact information. 

Using Bidding Tools

As someone with experience in the trades, you may be aware of bidding tools that can help make doing cost estimates easy. While software to estimate construction projects will help you make a winning bid, you might not be aware that they can help with other things, too. From breaking down labor and material costs to sending out estimates, payment reminders, and payment schedules, construction cost estimating software can be an invaluable tool for running a successful handyman service company. 

Growing Your Networking

As you work to combine your skills with technology and research and follow local regulations, it’s a good idea to register with a solid referral agency in your area. Eventually, your hard work will lead to word-of-mouth recommendations but what you do now to network could make a big difference as you get started. Consider reaching out to business leaders in your area to communicate your plans. Even placing business cards in stores can generate early leads. 

Being Helpful to Clients and Your Business

After registering your business as an LLC, getting liability insurance, registering with a referral agency, spending time on marketing, and buying a bidding and other technology software, you’ll be on your way to success. 

Before you get started with listing your services, be sure to check out The Business Project for more tools to succeed in business. You’ve got this!

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