5 Things you Can Do To Get More Customers for $0

Awesome! You’ve got access to a completely free video and downloadable PDF to help you hold yourself accountable for taking action.

Wondering how to get more eyes on your business without having to spend a penny?

Here are some tips just for you! 

1. Have an elevator pitch
If anyone should ask you what you do, know how to give a condensed 30-second speech about your business. Include who you serve — and ask what you can personally do for them.

2. Create Videos
Smartphones create amazing videos for free that you can share on your website, YouTube and social media.

3. Participate in Networking Events
One thing is for sure. There are tins of networking events going on. Go and visit them.

4. Ask For A Referral
Ask your current clients to refer you to their networks. Word of Mouth Still works!

5. Send Emails
As you gather leads you can send thank you emails and offer some free services or products.

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