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Most people that want to start a business and have a passion for what they do, don’t know how to turn that desire into a successful pursuit. Beginning entrepreneurs will usually start by searching the internet for information on how to get a business license, set up an accounting system or start a social media page. They spend many hours weeding through YouTube videos and blogs trying to become informed. With The Business Project, all of the work has been done for you. Simply subscribe and learn.


Though they can be valuable, college degrees are extremely expensive. You spend a lot of time and money on learning experiences that may or may not directly help you achieve success in your business. The Business Project has relevant, helpful information at a fraction of the cost. The courses are applicable and relevant and you will save tons of time and money, with better results.


Learn from other thriving business owners. Under-funded, under-resourced businesses often open and close before anyone even notices. The goal of The Business Project is to provide helpful and effective resources for these small enterprises. We connect you with reliable companies that are excited to share their valuable advice, experiences and success with you! 


Watch anywhere and anytime. The Business Project is a flexible way to learn that fits your schedule as a busy owner of a small business.



what is the business project?

From start-ups to burn-outs, The Business Project is helping people all over the country use their gifts and passions to ignite a flame and build a legacy. No more spending hours searching the internet for videos on how to start or run a business. The Business Project classes are developed by business owners and will give you the tools you will need to take your business to the next level. The classes feature training and course materials for business owners and entrepreneurs on essential topics including marketing, social media and leadership.